Promoting a New and Existing Website

Having a website it’s very easy, since they are thousands of web-designer and ton of website builder out there, but getting customers to know about your new website can be very stressful and even expensive. They are many ways you can successfully promote your new website without over spending;

  1. Word of Mouth- It’s often said that word of mouth is still the best way. Tell friends, families, and your business associate regarding your new website( the domain must be easy to remember)
  2. Local Ad- Before going on to spend money on SEO and web-ad tried to advertise your sites locally, through local ad placement.
  3. Postcard and Business Card- Launch your new websites with a postcard and business card showing your domain name. Check Craigslist to see if you can have someone to have them distribute for you. Attend local event and shows distributing your business card.
  4. Promotional gift item- Try to get your business name with domain print out on a gift item and have it distributed. They are many promotional gift item that offer great deals on pen, notepad and key holder. Remember not to overspend on this items but rather check other website to compare the prices. Another website that you can get a deal on promotional item is Ebay.
  5. SEO- Do not be obsessed with SEO but rather look for other options like placing your ad on variety of free web-site directory. Most SEO pricing range from $120/month to $1000/month and the result can be guarantee since it takes more than three-six months before you can be seen if at all at the frontpage of Google Search engine.
  6. Facebook- Open a Facebook fan page for your website that will also increase your visibility on the web.  Its also advisable to open a Twitter account for your business and this will generate traffic to your website.

Tope Abiara

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